Thessaloniki Umbrellas Sunset

Thessaloniki – Greece

The city that hosts the festival

Thessaloniki is the city that hosts the festival. An unforgettable experience for all pariticpants. The city welcomes its visitors. Rich history, warm hospitality, authentic  fun, noisy center and secret quiet neighbourhoods. This is Thessaloniki puzzle.

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is the most important administrative, cultural, and business center in northern Greece. Its population is more than 1 million people in the metropolitan area. It is situated in the Aegean Sea (Thermaikos Gulf). It is also close to Mount Olympus and beautiful beaches.

Thessaloniki is a crosswords of different cultures. The multicultural past is present in the legends, the buildings and the gastronomy. A city full of students.


  • St Dimitrius church
  • Byzantine churches (enlisted in World Heritage List of  UNESCO)
  • Roman Forum
  • Galerius Palace-Rotonda-Kamara (arch)
  • White Tower
  • Byzantine wallas


  • Roman Monuments
  • Byzantine Monuments
  • Ottoman Monumets
  • Jewish Monuments


  • Archaiological museum
  • Byzantine musuem
  • Folk museum
  • Museum of modern art
  • and many others

Other activities

  • Walking in the seaside
  • Short cruise by ship in Thermaikos Gulf
  • Gastronomic tour in traditional taverns
  • Nightlife
  • Excursion to nearby beaches
Thessaloniki Trigonion Tower Greece
Thessaloniki Aristotle s square Greece
Thessaloniki Traditional tavern
Thessaloniki Umbrellas Sunset
Thessaloniki white tower
Thessaloniki Castles
Thessaloniki Panoramic view
Thessaloniki Ladadika
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