Greek Group Thessaloniki in Festival in Sicily

Greek Group Thessaloniki in Festival in Sicily

Greek folk group Thessaloniki in Festival in Sicily


Greek group Thessaloniki with the leader and Artistic director Mr. Dimitris Vouvakis has participated in the Festival in Sicily, Italia 10-20 August 2022.

Performing dances from the Greek Macedonia region, Creta island, and of course the famous greek syrtaki has gained the applause of the audience in all performances around the region. In addition, the group has visited the many interesting places around like the valley of Temple in Agrigento, Palermo, Catania, Syracuse etc


Dances from Creta island in Sicily

Zorba and moments in Sicily

Dances from Greek Macedonia

Few words about the ensemble

The ensemble has gained wide recognition through its consistent presence and has
performed in Greece and abroad (Serbia, Hungary, Bulgary, Turkey, Romania, China,
Emirates etc). It has also participated in Greek Television programmes.
The group presents folk dances from 6 different regions of Greece (Thrace, Macedonia, Islands,
Thessalia, Pontus, Minor Asia) and of course, the dancers will dance the famous greek
syrtaki with all the viewers of the performance.

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