Gwalia singers from Wales in Greece

Gwalia singers in Greece

Gwalia singers from Wales in Greece

5-12 October 2022

Male Choir Gwalia Singers from Swansea of Wales has been in Greece 5-12 October.

Wales is a region of Greate Britain with a great tradition of male choirs. Songs are part of the national identity. Wales is often referred to as “The land of singing”.

The choir participated in the opening of the 3rd International Agrinio Choral Festival. In addition, choir has participated in the events for 451 years after Lepanto battle in Nafpaktos and in the choral meeting in Mesologgi.


  • Participation in the Music Concert for 451 years of Lepanto Battle in Nafpaktos.

Thursday 6 October 2022

Concert in the old harbour. In the event the following ensembles took part:

  • String Quartette of Municipal Conservatoire of Ioannina
  • Mixed Choir of Nafpaktos, Conductor: Eleni Papadopoulou Aravantinou
  • Gwalia Singers from Wales, Conductor: Mathew Ian Sims

In the end of the concert both choir sang together the greek song “Arnini” composed by Mikis Theodorakis (poem of Nobel prized greek poet Giorgos Seferis).

You can see the full concert here

  • Participation in the 3rd International Agrinio Choral Festival

Friday 7 October 2022

The choir has participated in the opening of the 3rd International Agrinio Choral Festival. In the festival 33 choirs and 963 chorists from 5 choirs participated. Artistic Director of the festival: Chrysa Tasolamprou.

Before the concert, the choir had a guided tour in the city of Agrinio by members of the festival organising commitee. Agrinio has a great industrial part.

You can see photos of the concert here

  • Choral Meeting in Mesologgi

Sunday 9 October 2022

The concert took place in the Concert Hall of the Regional Governance. It was organised by Mesologgi Municipality, the Cultural Council of Mesologgi Municipality and the local council.

Participants of the concert

  • Choir of Mesologgi Cultural Center, Conductor: Spyros Cholevas
  • Gwalia Singers from Wales, Conductor Mathew Ian Sims

In addition the choir has a guided tour in the lagoon, the garden of the heros and in  Lord Byron Museum.

You can see photos here

You can see moments of the event here

About the choir

Male voice choirs and brass bands were a feature of many industrial communities, especiallmining, in Wales. The choirs hold a special place in popular culture, especially the South WaleValleys, and for generations have been a fixture at eisteddfodau (competitive festivals of music anpoetry), and at rugby matches
The Gwalia Singers are a Welsh Male Voice Choir from Swansea who were formed in 1966 with jus18 members under the direction of Bryan Myles. Today choir has more than 70 active members.
For the millennium, the choir joined the 1,000 Welsh Male Voices choir at the RoyaAlbert Hall in London.
The choir’s foreign tours have included: Lanzarote, France, Poland, Germany, Mannheiand Kiel, Belgium, Holland, Italy and even
Disneyland Paris for their annual St David’s Day Festival for several consecutive years. The most recent tour was a very successful trip to
Barbados in May 2019 to take part in a Celtic Festival.

Conductor: Mathew Ioan Sims



451η Επέτειος Ναυμαχίας της Ναυπάκτου
Gwalia singers in Greece
Agrinio Choir Festival

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