Concierto Latino en Salonica

Concert for Latin America Thessaloniki Greee

Concierto Latino en Salonica

14 April 2018

Thessaloniki Greece

“Concierto Latino en Salonica” was a music-dance performance devoted to Latin America. It was a project with more than  200 artists on stage!

First part started with  “Agapi” choir, solists Manolis Hatzimanolis and Victor Glykidis as well as a Latin American band of 7 members. They all presented   “Misa Criolla” of Latin-American composer Ariel Ramirez. Misa Criolla is a famous masterpiece composed in 1960. It combines Spanish texts, rhythms and instruments of natives. It is a hymn that unites people of different cultures and religions.
In the second part, we heard folk songs of Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela etc).



  • Danai Kyritsi
  • Thomas Natsis
  • Guitar Heroes
  • Blue Duet


Latin dances from “Vista” dance school

Capoeira dancers “Jacobina Arte” from Brazil

Tango Room Thessaloniki Buenos Aires.

THESsalsoNIKI χορέψαμε Rueda de Casino.

Πριν κλείσει η αυλαία της πρωτότυπης αυτής παράστασης, 20 τύμπανα από το Κρουστόφωνο with 20 percursions

Presenter: Synthia Sapika

Artistic Director: Eleonora Kalaitsidou


Main sponsor: Pit Stop Group Papapetrou

Media Sponsors:
Pylea-Hortiatis Municipality
Thessaloniki FM100
Cosmoradio 95,1
Plus Radio 102,6


Tsikanteris Piano
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Jacques Hermes Men ‘s Wear
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Municipality of Pylea-Hortiatis

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    April 14, 2018 20:30
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