2nd International Choir Festival “Melodyway”

2nd International Choir Festival “Melodyway”


25-29 November 2021

The 2nd Internationa choir festival Melodyway is organized is coordinated by Filomila Choir in collaboration with Ampelokipi-Menemeni Municipality under the support of the Greek Ministry.


Festival Identity

  • The festival is not a competition
  • Every choir is welcome (children, youth, adult, mixed, equal voices etc)
  • Any kind of repertoire is welcome (however, we do not accept songs with political messages, or messages for violence, racism, discrimination etc)
  • All groups will receive photos and videos of the performances



  • Performances will take place according to covid -19 in closed theatre
  • The maximum number of performers on stage is 30 (due to covid-19 protocols)
  • The maximum number of musicians on stage can be 3 (due to covid -19 protocols)
  • The piano will be on stage.
  • Other instruments can be provided after the agreement (however, it is better if you carry them with you)



  • Accommodation will take place in hotel in Thessaloniki

Proposals for excursions

  • Discover fascinating Thessaloniki
  • Visit Edessa famous for the waterfalls
  • Nearby Monasteries                     

For full conditions and applications please contact us at diavlosc@yahoo.gr

Event Details

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