Dimitris Kehagias-Musician

Δημήτρης Κεχαγιάς Μουσικός

Dimitris Kehagias -Musician

He had collaborated for many years with famous greek composers like Stavros Kougioumtzis, Manolis Rasoulis, Giorgos Zikas, Giannis Spanos, Sokratis Malamas etc

Composer himself he has composed many songs and the music for children theater performances. In 1997 he has participated in Thessaloniki song contest. He was the founder and the artistic director of “Plato” concert hall, which was one of the most important of the city for almost 30 years.

He presents programme of different greek songs and prepares special concerts to famous greek composers and song writers like:

  1. Mikis Theodorakis
  2. Manos Hatzidakis
  3. Stavros Xarhakos
  4. Stavros Kougiomtzis
  5. Manos Loizos etc


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