Poligiros, Chalkidiki

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International Folk Festival Greece
3rd Festival “Taste, Tradition, Culture” Poligiros, Greece 17-21 August 2017 The festival “Taste, Tradition, Culture” had for the very first time an international taste. Local products, gastronomic exreriences, concerts, perfrormances and exhibitions was the main events that gave to locals...
International Folk Dance Festival Greece
4th Festival “Taste Tradition Culture” Poligiros Greece 23-27 August 2018 With a great succes and with a huge audience the 4th Festival “Taste, tradition, culture” came to en end. αι μεγάλη προσέλευση κόσμου ολοκληρώθηκε  στον Πολύγυρο, η 4η Γιορτή ανάδειξης...
5th International Folk Festival "Taste Tradition Culture" Polygyros Greece 22-26 August 2019 Group Ala Too Kyrgistan Diavlos Culture Groups and festivals Keti Zogogianni Efi Proikou www.diavloslink.gr
5th Festival “Taste Tradition Culture” Poligiros, Greece 22-26 August 2019 An International Folk festival with participation of 7 folk dance groups from 4 differet conitnets. It was characterised as the most important cultural event of the year 2019 from the...

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