2nd Agrinio International Choral Festival

Choir festival Agrinio

2nd Agrinio International Choral Festival

The 2nd International Agrinio Choral festival is organized is co ordinated by the Agia Skepi Association in collaboration with Agrinio and Thermo Municipalities under the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Greek Tourism Organization.


Festival Identity

  • The festival is not a competition
  • Every choir is welcome (children, youth, adult, mixed, equal voices etc)
  • Any kind of repertoire is welcome (however, we do not accept songs with political messages, or messages for violence, racism, discrimination etc)
  • All groups will receive photos and videos of the performances



  • Performances will take place according to covid -19 protocols in open spaces
  • In Agrinio town, they will take place in Ellinis open theatre
  • In Thermo town, they will take place in open space too
  • You can give 1 or 2 performances according to your choice
  • The maximum number of performers on stage is 40 (due to covid-19 protocols)
  • The maximum number of musicians on stage can be 8 (due to covid -19 protocols)
  • The piano will be on stage.
  • Other instruments can be provided after agreement (however, it is better if you carry them with you)



  • Accommodation will take place in hotel in seaside town of Nafpaktos (famous for the castle and the battle there)


Proposals for excursions

  • The famous archaeological site and museum of Delphi
  • The historical town of Mesollogi with the famous lagoon
  • Monasteries                     

Protocols for traveling to Greece

Before traveling to Greece please consult our official governmental travel site  travel.gov.gr. Entrance in Greece is allowed only with vaccine or PCR or rapid test. Before entering the PLF form must be completed.

For full conditions and details, please contact us

Event Details

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