11th World Choir Festival on Musicals

International Choir Festival

11th World Choir Festival on Musicals and Competition

5-8 May 2023

Thessaloniki Greece

The festival is organised under the auspices of Thessaloniki Municipality

We have the honour to invite you to Thessaloniki on May 2023 to participate to 11th World Choir Festival on Musicals and Competition.

Thessaloniki, a seafront city with a historical presence more than 2.300 years, is situated in North Greece and it is the second in population city of Greece. It is a major economic, industrial and political centre and a major transportation hub for the rest of southeastern Europe; its airport and its commercial port are also of great importance. The pleasant Mediterranean climate and the hospitality of the people living in this historical city guarantee an unforgettable visit. Staying in Thessaloniki displays also a special archaeological and cultural interest. In this way, the choirs can combine their participation in the Festival with the visit to the historical monuments of the city and daily trips in the surrounding area.

The Festival is dedicated To Peace, Friendship, Collaboration, Brotherhood and Solidarity of people.


  • The festival changes its character in 2021. It is divided in: Competitive and non-competitive 
  • Only amateur choirs can participate
  • All kind of choirs can take part (mixed, youth, children, equal voices) and vocal ensembles
  • All concerts will take place in the Ceremony Hall of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1.100 seats in the city centre)
  • The official opening ceremony will take place in the morning of Saturday 8 May 2021 in the Roman Forum
  • All choirs can participate with 1 or 2 songs


  • All kind of choirs can take place: Mixed, youth, children, equal voices
  • Duration of each concert is 15  minutes.  If the concerts last more this will be taken into account from the Juree committee. 
  • Each choir can choose the repertoire freely.
  • In the repertoire, at least one musical song must be included.
  • The choirs can use only piano
  • The choirs must send by post 5 copies of the scores
  • A choir that will participate in the competitive programme, can participate in the musical concert too if choir wishes so

Jury Criteria

The choirs will be judged by International July Committee.  Members of the committee will be at least 3 international choir conductors with international experience.   

The following criteria will be taken into account from the Jury

  • Tone
  • Difficulty
  • Interpretation
  • Sound
  • Quality


 The following prizes will be awarded:

  • 90-100 points: Prize I  and Diploma
  • 80- 89,99 points: Prize ΙΙ and Diploma
  • 70 – 79,99 points:  Prize III and Diploma
  • 0-70 points: Diploma

Special Prizes

  • Best Musical Interpretation
  • Best conducting
  • Best Greek Choir

Monetary Prizes

The choirs with the 3 highest scores will receive:

  • 1st Choir : € 1000
  • 2nd Choir: € 600
  • 3rd Choir: € 400 

Audience Prizes

The prizes will be awarded after voting.


  • Choirs that do not want to take part in the competition, can participate in the concert devoted to musicals or in the concert with free Programme  
  • The choirs that participate in the musical night, must sing 5 songs. 3 of them must be musical songs. The rest 2 are of free choice. The free choice songs must be according to the festival character. So, they can be from pop, jazz or cinema soundtracks. 
  • Choirs that want to participate in the free programme or they do not wish to sing musicals can participate in the concert with free programme of their own choice.  
  • There will be Piano in the concert Hall. If a choir wishes to use other instruments must inform the organising commitee
  • All choirs will receive diplomas


Place of performance

  • Competitive and non-competive concerts in Aristotel University Concert Hall
  • Official opening ceremony in the Roman Forum


Competitive Concerts

  • Friday 5 May 2023 (evening)
  • Saturday 6 May 2023 (evening)

Musical Concert

  • Sunday 7 May 2023 (evening)

Concert with free programme

  • Sunday 7 May 2023 (morning)


Arrival and Departure

  • Arrival in Thessaloniki on Friday  5 May 2023
  • Departure on Monday  8 May 2023

Special Conditions

  • All choirs will be presented from the festival presenter
  • Choirs must not read texts themselves. 
  • The organising committee reserves the right to recording all performances and activities. 
  • All choirs will receive photos and videos of the festival. 
  • Choirs must not change the repertoire 
  • If there are solos, the choir must inform the organizing committee.
  • The organising committee will decide on the day and order of performance of each choir.  All choirs will be informed on time
  • All choirs must send a copy of their scores
  • The organising committee reserves the right for changes

Participation Procedure

If you are interested in participating in the festival please send us:

  • Application completed
  • Short information about the choir (no more than 200 words).
  • Recent photos
  • Titles of the songs you will sing
  • Video with at least 2 songs (youtube video etc).
  • After receiving your material you will receive an answer soon


For full conditions and information please contact us!

We look forward to welcome you to the 11th World Choir Festival on Musicals!

Have a look at the festival history here!

Friday 7 May 2021
20.30 COmpetition Concert
Venue: Aristotles Universtiy Concert Hall

Saturday 8 May 2021
11.00 Official Opening ceremony of the festival
Venue: Odeion of Thessaloniki Roman Forum

20.00 Competition Concert
Venue: Aristotles University Concert Hall

Sunday 9 May 2021

11.00 Concert of choirs with free programme
Venue: Aristotles Universtiy Concert Hall

20.00 Concert of choirs with musical programme
Venue: Aristotles Universtiy Concert Hall

Goodbye dinner and party for all participants

Choir festival Thessaloniki Greece
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